Amazing facts about food

  • Have Problem of indigestion? 

-> eat Mustard seeds

  • Suffering from hormonal imbalance? 

->  Guava

  • Want to cure jaundice?

-> palmogranate

  • Get rid of weakness

-> daily 4 dates

  • No bone problem

->daily one glass milk

  • No cancer

-> daily 5 almonds

  • Low blood pressure?

-> cashews

  • Reduce cholesterol

-> Apple

  • Prevent heart disease

-> walnuts

facts about food

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winter face pack for healthy skin

You all know in winter season our skin becomes dry. it is a common problem of all girls & women in winter. to get rid of this problem i have a winter face pack for your skin which will help you to make your skin moistourised and glowing

first step to wash your face  remove all your makeup and take rose water and clean your skin

1.Take 1 bowl and 1 rs coffee pack add olive oil. you can use it like scrubber or face pack it will remove your dead skin cells you must try this.

2. Banana and honey: mash half banana and add honey. this pack will clean your pores, nourish your skin and will give you instant glow

3.Take 1 bowl add 1 tbsp(tablespoon) of chandan powder, 1 tbsp of honey and alovera gel this pack will help you to nourish your skin and get rid of acre marks and if you have sensitive skin this face pack will be very helpfull

winter facepack

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Benefits of miswak

  • Miswak improves the sense ot taste
  • Miswak sharpens the memory
  • Miswak creates fragrance in the mouth
  • Miswak prevents tooth decay
  • Miswak  is a cure for headache
  • Miswak gives glow on your face 
  • If you continuosly use it.
  • Miswak strenthenss the eyesight
  • Miswak helps in digestion
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    Best Fruits and vegetables for good health

    Best Fruits and vegetables for good health

    • Lemon is good for breast
    • Walnuts help the brain to function
    • Tomatoes are good for your heart
    • Tamarind will detox your body, improve your digestion and protect your liver
    • Grapes improve your brain power
    • Cashews lower your blood pressure
    • Dates are energy booster and increases sexual stamina

    • Best Fruits and vegetables
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    Know the type of skin you have...

    Know the type of your skin, What it's like
    • Normal skin: fair to medium, develops open pores and the odd sport; cheeks feel slightly flight after cleansing and may get chapped. Burn's initially in the sun, then tans
    • Dry skin: fair, feels fight after cleansing gets itchy and sensitive especially in colder and drier weather: tends to burn in the sun

    • Oily skin: olive to the dark, may break out often tends to have enlarged pores often looks shiny after an hour of so after cleansing. Develops wrinkles, tans easily.

    • Combination skin: dry, flaky cheeks and side of the nose with and oily texture. T-zone across the forehead nose and chin

    • Sensitive skin: fair, dry texture. Translucent. Easily gets irrigating, may have rough or scary patches. Feels tight after cleansing, burns in the sun.

    • Mature skin: less bright, reduced elasticity, and tone; more likely to get wrinkles. Dry, fragile texture enlarged pores, rarely gets spot may have broken veins.

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    how to be fit?


    How can you tell if you are Fit?

    The main signs of unfitnees are
    breathlessness and sweating on relatively minor exertion. If you cannot climb up three flights of stairs.

    Steps To Reduce Weight

    Eating less, or cutting back on fat in your
    diet, won't keep the weight off. There should be proper intake of number of calories and proper workout. Regular physical activity is much more
    effective at keeping the weight off in the long run than any diet. Aerobic exercise is one of effective ways to lose weight drastically by burning out excess fat not only elevates your metabolism while one is exercising. but also keep it elevated ever after you are done, which depends on how long and how strong you exercise

    This is the best way to reduce weight stimulates your body and malke it burn calories. Low impact aerobie, like walking, step aerobic and low-impact aerobic activities like swimming bicycling and rowing are key to reducing weight kilocalories. Aerobic exercise. Beginners can start with 15 minutes of low-impact aerobics three times a week, which could be increased to 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity four times a week.

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    Mind Your moods


    Stressed out?
    A bowl of chicken-noodle soup.
    - Exhausted?
    A glass of orange juice.
    A bowl of fruit salad with oranges.
    A whole spring roll.
    A cup of streaming coffee.
    A handful of mixed nut.
    A tuna-salad sandwich.
    - In a bad mood.
    - Feeling blue?
    - Have a headache.
    - In a panic.
    - Feeling Drained?
    - Not sleeping well?
    A bowl of cereal with sliced bananas.
    Feeling a cold coming on?
    A spinach salad.
    - Not in mood?
    A chocolate truffle

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    How To Stay Beautiful?

    How To Stay Beautiful?
    Many of the Super young-and as many men and women-were eager to share detailed accounts of the beauty regimes, they follow to maintain their youthful healthy skin.
    Moisturising is essential, it seems, for middle-aged skin to retain its suppleness and healthy glow and replace the natural oils that dry up as part of the ageing process.
    But an interesting fact emerged-the Super young rely on cheap moisturising lotion that they claim are just as effective as expensive big-name brands. 

    Regular use of heavy make-up is also thought to accelerate facial ageing, and Super young women tended to use little make-up. It is seen that thousands of women in there 50s and 60s aged their skin prematurely by using 'cold creams' to remove their make-up.
     The high concentration of mineral oil in the creams clogged the pores and contribution to wrinkling.

    how to Stay Beautiful?
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    How to get Soft skin?

    How to get Soft Skin?

    Alternative hot and cold showers, stroking How is this Insulin deficiency detected?
    Of the major nutrients, the estimation of the blood levels of glucose (the simplest form of carbohydrates) are the easiest, cheapest, and most useful tests for monitoring Insulin deficiency. Hence it is the parameter that is most frequently used. Other tests that can be done are estimation of the Insulin
    in the blood. The glycated haemoglobin of the blood is also estimated to manage many of the cases of Diabetes mellitus.

    how to get soft skin

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    Facts about calories

    • What are calories?
    Calories are a unit of measurement for the energy value
    of food.
    • How many calories do the macronutrients provide
    Each macronutrient provides a varying amount of calories.

    • How many calories does a person need in a day?
    The daily caloric intake varies with age and activity. Because of their extra activity, teenagers and young active adults require more calories. The caloric requirement decreases when the physical activity reduces as the life-style changes, e.g. when a college graduate who is used to walking for half an hour to college daily and then walks all over the campus, uses a vehicle to his new place of work and sits all day at desk. On an average, the suggested caloric intake for a young male adult is 2000 kcal to 2500 kcal. with modifications according to height, age and activity. This requirement can decrease to about 1500 k cal. for an elderly individual.


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    Exercise: importance and benefits


    • Why does a person need to exercise?
    Exercise is essential for a healthy body because it contributes directly or indirectly to the normal development and maintenance of the body functions which, when working well, gives a person a feeling of well-being.

    • How does exercise help the body?
    1) It improves the blood circulation to all parts of the What a body and so improves all body functions. It also helps to form new blood vessels to the heart muscle, thereby strengthening the heart an protecting it from any circulatory deficiency.
    2.It develops the muscles of the body, strengthening them and keeping them toned.
    3.It strengthens the bones by preventing loss of bone calcium and osteoporosis and thus increases bone density

    4.It helps to burn up unwanted calories especially in people with a tendency to obesity, diabetes or high blood lipids.
    5.Exercise is known to improve the immune system
    i.e. it improves the body's resistance against infections
    6) It helps to de-stress a person and give us feeling of well-being.

    • What are the types of exercise?
    Exercises generally may be divided into
    two types:
    1) Aerobics
    2) Strength training.

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